Shaka Dashiki


The name Shaka Zulu is synonymous with Warrior. The deep purple, blue and white against the black background of the Shaka Dashiki symbolizes strength and pride. The Shaka Dashiki has intricate chain-stitched embroidery around the collar, the front, and detailing along the edges and pocket.  Pairs well with jeans or slacks. 

Model: Height: 6'3" I Weight: 220 Lbs. I Wearing Size: XL

Chest 40"
Length 28"

Chest 44"
Length 31"

Chest 50"
Length 32"

Chest 54"
Length 33"

Chest 60"
Length 34"

Chest 65"
Length 36"

Chest 69"
Length 38"

    King Shaka Zulu was born in 1787 and was the founder of a unified Zulu Nation in Southern Africa. His father was a chief of one of the Zulu-speaking clans, and his mother, Nandi, was Princess from a nearby clan. Shaka’s birth was considered a sin because his parents were from different clans.

    As a young man, Shaka affiliated himself with the Mthethwa clan, where he served as a warrior for six years under the reign of Dingiswayo. Shaka became well known for his courage and endurance, and Dingiswayo became his mentor. 

    Shaka eventually claimed his father’s chieftaincy with military assistance from Dingiswayo. With his experience, he transformed his clan’s military from a largely ceremonial force into a powerful army capable of both defense and aggression.

    In 1818, Dingiswayo was assassinated, and Shaka sought revenge and received it in 1820 with the Zulu’s victory over the Ndwandwe in the Battle of Mhlatuze River. Shaka then set out to forge the various Zulu-speaking clans into a powerful empire. As he incorporated rival groups, the Zulu Empire’s population reached an estimated 250,000, and his state emerged as the largest in the history of Southern Africa. In 1827, at the height of his power, Shaka could order into the field of battle over 50,000 warriors and controlled most of the area that is now the modern state of South Africa.

Made in Nigeria.

Machine washable, air dry.

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