I 'm Lola of Lola's African Apparel. I was born in Nigeria and moved to the United States at the age of eight. In 2010 I traveled back to Nigeria after many years in the States and I was inspired by the elegant and beautiful clothes people wore. I  had the idea to design and employ local tailors and seamstresses to make clothes and share them with my community in the United States. I knew that people would appreciate the artistry and culture of the clothes and that they are Authentically made in Africa by Africans. My clothes quickly spread and thus the creation of Lola's African Apparel.

Lola and her sisters in Nigeria

buying material

I travel to Nigeria twice a year to hand select the latest and most durable materials and work with local artists to create contemporary and traditional styles that make the wearer proud. I buy only washable materials because I want our clothing line to be accessible and to be the highest of craftsmanship. I take pride in the fact that all the clothes of Lola's African Apparel are made in Nigeria, are of the highest quality and style, and are sewn by local and independent tailors and seamstresses. I believe that the future of Africa is and should always be in the hands of Africans and the African Diaspora. This is true independence. Lola's African Apparel is a small part in building the economy and supporting the livelihoods of the African people who share their craft with us. 

Our clothes

Our clothes are made in Nigeria to maintain the authenticity of their designs and significance. However, the biggest benefit of having them made in Nigeria is being able to employ men and women living in a relatively impoverished country. Nigeria has been ranked by The Human Development Index as having high levels of poverty, unemployment, and hunger in rural areas, especially amongst women and children.

Fortunately, economic predictions and the worldwide growth of African Fashion has shown that the Fashion Industry is a viable way for Nigerians to participate in the Global Economy. For these reasons, Lola's African Apparel is proud to be MADE IN NIGERIA.