Obatala Agbada


In the Yoruba religion, Obatalá is the sky father, son of the one God (Olodumare), and creator of Earth and humans. He is the source of all that is pure, wise, peaceful, and compassionate. He has a warrior side, though, through which he enforces justice in the world. Obatalá is the father of the Orishas, so he looks after them and settles their arguments. His is represented by the color white because it has all the colors in it, and he takes care of all of us.  

This Obatalá Agbada will invoke the King in you. Celebrate yourself in this three-piece Agbada suit with intricate white embroidery in rich Guinea Brocade material. Agbadas are typically worn in Western Africa on special and ceremonial occasions. This is formal attire for many and is often worn as a status symbol.

Guinea Brocade is a woven cotton material with intricate patterns woven into the material and waxed. This material is popular because of its intricacy and the elegant way it falls and flows. This suit contains trousers, a short sleeve, embroidered shirt, and the embroidered Agbada Robe.

Model: Height: 5'11" | Chest 46" | Waist: 42" | Hip: 45" | Weight: 190 

Wearing Size: Large

Top Chest 46"
Top Length 33"
Pant Inseam 30"
Pant Outseam 41"

Top Chest 50"
Top Length 34"
Pant Inseam 30"
Pant Outseam 41"

Top Chest 54"
Top Length 35"
Pant Inseam 30"
Pant Outseam 42"

Top Chest 58"
Top Length 37"
Pant Inseam 31"
Pant Outseam 43"

Top Chest 62"
Top Length 39"
Pant Inseam 32"
Pant Outseam 43"

Made in Nigeria. Dry Clean Recommended.

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