Sunni Ali Dashiki

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The Sunni Ali Dashiki is inspired by the rich history of West African empires and motifs of Mali print. King Sunni Ali was the founder and first ruler of the Songhai Empire, spanning a large area of West Africa. He rose to power in the late 15th century, expanding the empire through military conquests and establishing a strong navy.

His military campaigns brought great wealth to the Songhai Empire, making it the wealthiest empire of its time. His legacy is still celebrated in West African folklore and history. 

This traditional motif Dashiki has intricate chain stitch embroidery around the collar, the front, and detailing along the edges and pocket. Pairs well with jeans or slacks for a more formal look. There is one pocket on the front chest. 

 Model: Height: 5'10" I Weight: 185 Lbs. I Wearing Size: Large

Chest 40"
Length 27"

Chest 44"
Length 31"

Chest 50"
Length 32"

Chest 54"
Length 34"

Chest 60"
Length 36"

Chest 64"
Length 38"

Chest 69"
Length 40"

Made in Nigeria. Machine wash, air dry.

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