Venus Organic Whipped Shea Butter


The Venus Organic Whipped Shea Butter will cover you in a sugary-sweet fragrance all day long- without the calories! Trust us, this sweet scent will have you and everyone around you mesmerized and probably falling in love. The top notes are sweet raspberry, Sicilian orange, bergamot, lily of the valley, vanilla, caramel, and powder.   

Our Organic Whipped Shea Butters are made of the finest and unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and fragrance. They are an excellent and holistic replacement for artificial mineral oil and petroleum gel products.

Shea butter is nature's Miracle Beauty Tonic and has been used for centuries in Africa to moisturize and protect the skin (your largest organ!) from sun, wind, heat, and salt water.  Here are a few other Miracle properties of shea butter:

- Help stimulate collagen production

- Helping to alleviate wrinkles, scars, and burns

- Medicinally, Shea Butter has been studied as an anti-inflammatory topical cream

- Shea Butter contains a high content of cinnamic acid, creating a mild natural sunscreen, approximately SPF-6 

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